We are a 100% proudly South African Marketing and Media Company with the aim to give all South African producers and service providers a platform to Market their work and City through MyQuickglobe.

MyQuickglobe was established in 2016 registered and certified in 2017 by a very inteligent and professional entrepreneur, Nduduzo Mthwane. MyQuickglobe is here to help promote and boost other businesses and we are here to ensure their successful future, through modern advertising solutions.

Through MyQuickglobe’s Marketing solutions are offered to local Businesses that help them create a positive image and Solutions that help business maintain their Vision and Mission through flexibility and relevance.


To be the leading Marketing Company in South Africa. Serving both small and big enterprises.

To create awareness, Advertise on this exciting website and let people be exposed to products

To become South Africa’s Top technology website and portal from anywhere in the world

Galvanize local South Africans to explore their very own Mzansi businesses.

Provide access to information for our clients' customers.


Through innovative Marketing Solutions that are cost effective and audience targeted , in doing so Maximising the return on investment for brands, by giving brands greater control with reduced display advertising costs.

Through programmatic Marketing’s fine grain tactics, Dynamic creative and optimisation, also allows the consumer to benefit as they are less likely to be served ads that are not relevant to them.

With increased relevancy comes an upsurge in quality conversions for the advertiser, through Programmatic digital advertising that requires less budget as there are lower costs per ad and wider, more targeted reach.