Diversity and Inclusion in Modern Advertising

Statistics show that South Africa is becoming increasingly more diverse, as recent data reveals that growth among racial and ethnic minority populations outpaces that of Caucasians. It’s vital for modern marketers to know their audience, but they should also remember that diversity extends beyond race alone. Today, promoting revenue and brand image means defining and communicating with audiences as individuals, including people of all ages, socio-economic classes, and genders. Ultimately, the key to staying competitive lies in providing diversified content for diversified audiences, in a way that actually represents present-day society.

The Importance of Diversity in Marketing Campaigns

When people recognize themselves in messages, they’re more likely to respond. Up to 83% of people pointed to better representing modern society as the reason marketing campaigns were impactful in a positive way.

Examples of Strong Diversity in Advertising

Discover these examples of major brands embracing diversity in national advertising campaigns.

Diversity and Revenue

Penetrating new markets makes it more possible to generate new revenue. Not only does more diversity and inclusion contribute to a more aligned society, it allows companies to target new populations and increase response rates with relatable messaging, helping boost their bottom lines.