Social Media Audits

Crafting a winning strategy begins with some self-assessment. Through our rigorous audit procedures, we highlight what’s going well and what’s not with your current social media activities. Findings from this exercise form the basis of a winning strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is a great way to analyse your own objectives and performance. It’s not something that should be done at the beginning, but is part of an on-going strategy. We assess the social media presence of your closest competitors and gather findings to help you shape your own.

Engagement Strategy

A good content and engagement strategy is vital to the long-term success of your social media activities. It provides answers to basic questions such as what sort of content will engage my audience, the type of posts you should make, how frequently and at what times of the day and, most importantly, where will the content come from? We’ll create a calendar of engagement activities and a response plan to provide guidelines on how to respond to customer/audience queries and questions, maintaining a consistent and friendly tone in your messages and responses.

Social Media Campaigns - Earned & Paid Media

We conceptualise and create social campaigns that spread your brand’s reach and visibility well beyond your community, making a touch point with hundreds of thousands of new and existing prospects. Campaigns that achieve KPIs such as sales, bookings, awareness, downloads, signups and more. Our strategies include both earned and paid media. Check out some of our highly successful social campaigns: #InLovewithMzansi #SummerinDurban #TheWildAtlanticWay #SoGlaminGeneva

Social Community Management

The scope of our social community management capabilities can be as broad or as specific to suit your needs. Our services are used by brands with varying degrees of social media maturity. At the most basic level, we begin with enhancing your existing social media strategy, develop clear guidelines for curating, developing and posting content, identify your audience, and define the most appropriate tactics to engage with them. We undertake day-to-day management of your social media platforms, which includes posting, commenting and engaging with your fans in a collaborative way along with your in-house team or independently if you prefer.

For clients with a well-established social presence locally or across multiple countries we offer:

  • Advanced strategies that leverage in-depth analytics from social listening tools.
  • Advanced engagement tactics based on insights and research.
  • Consistency of brand messaging across multiple continents and languages.
  • An overarching strategy that keeps the content relevant and engaging in each market.
  • Definition of relevant KPIs and objectives to measure social media activity and its effect on the overall marketing programme.